Kill your darlings

The two rooms in the Renwick Gallery are dimly lit and packed with people, mostly my age and younger, scurrying from one window to the next to shine flashlights through the pane of glass separating these viewers from the gruesome scene on view. The scenes are miniatures, dioramas of unexplained death created more than 60Continue reading “Kill your darlings”

Being in Love: New Details about Marian the Librarian

Last evening, I was half-listening to The Music Man, the soundtrack to the movie, for the one-millionth time. The volume was low, and I was screwing around with an art project and half-contemplating which kind of topping I was going to put on my apple pies. I hummed along to Shirley Jones singing, “Being inContinue reading “Being in Love: New Details about Marian the Librarian”