Illinois, Illinois

“Tell me about your corner of the world,” the hairdresser says. She yanks a comb through my hair, which is thick enough and wavy enough to flummox her. She’s already asked me if it’s natural, if I put anything in it, if I dye it. I’m not sure what she’s asking now. “Plainsboro?” I ask.Continue reading “Illinois, Illinois”

My Make-Shift, Made-Up Amtrak Residency

This month, I took the Cardinal Limited from Philadelphia to Chicago. The twenty-six-hour trip was meant to be a personal writing retreat, a chance to catch up on some writing and editing projects in a sustained period, without the distractions of the Internet or real life. Trains, like airports, are also great for people watching,Continue reading “My Make-Shift, Made-Up Amtrak Residency”