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Craft and Communications Best Practices

“The Elements of Fiction: on Science in Fiction,” Distillations blog, December 2017

“On Beat,” Brevity blog, November 2017

Social Media interview with Sustaining Places, June 2017

Sidebar: young alumni food blogs, Macalester Today, Winter 2014

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Women in Science History

“Life and Death in Dioramas,” Lady Science, September 2017

“A Recipe For Good Health,” Distillations, spring 2017

“The Joy of Cooking,” Distillations blog, February 2017

“Women in Science,” Distillations, winter 2016

History, Public History and Museums

“Conserving the Stories They Tell,” Distillations blog, September 2017

“How to Tell A True Resistance Story: Fiction and History.” The Writer’s Chronicle, December 2014

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Intergenerational Dialogue

“My 2019 Resolution: Be Less Thrifty and More Thoughtful,” The Billfold, January 2019

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Faith and Community

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Short Fiction

“Two,” Tempered Magazine, December 2014

Book Reviews and Interviews

Review: Patricia Fara’s A Lab of One’s Own, Lady Science, May 2019

Review: Elissa Washuta’s Starvation Mode, Barrelhouse, December 2018

Review: Stephen McGann’s Flesh and Blood, Distillations, Fall 2018

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