Marking the Tempo: Carl Sandburg’s Harvest Poems

Carl Sandburg’s poems pulse with the soul of the prairie, conjuring up the feeling of Illinois and its neighbors, evoking the essence of the region. Indeed, the poetry in Harvest Poems (1910-1960) sweeps across a Midwestern experience embedding in place.  It’s the sound of his words that reverberate with that sense of place—like the prairie,Continue reading “Marking the Tempo: Carl Sandburg’s Harvest Poems”

“Sorry if I let my brains show”: Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye

Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye is grim and funny, its protagonist, Philip Marlowe, half hardboiled and mean, half incorruptible and true.  The Long Goodbye is a detective novel, but thanks to Marlowe’s narration the story resonates beyond a narrow classification. The quality of Marlowe’s observation as a narrator fills in the backstory the reader needs,Continue reading ““Sorry if I let my brains show”: Raymond Chandler’s The Long Goodbye”