What We Carry: 2021 book list

When our son was three months old, the library near us reopened with limited hours. After subsisting on the riches of the Libby and Hoopla apps I was eager to re-enter a library and peruse its shelves, to introduce our son to the pleasures of browsing. Since we’d moved from one state to another duringContinue reading “What We Carry: 2021 book list”

Make New Friends But Keep the Old: 2020 book list

At the beginning of 2020 I resolved to be a better friend. My strengths lying resolutely in the realm of writing, I decided to define that work in terms of keeping in touch by mail with the people I cared about. I craved connection. I picked, for the first time, a “star word” – inContinue reading “Make New Friends But Keep the Old: 2020 book list”