2 years, 150 stories

In two years I’ve written 150 flash fiction pieces. Some of them qualify as a stand-alone stories; some of them are just scenes, snippets of larger things.  Many are sketches about my beloved cat Squiggy or pre-rough drafts for my novel. A few are about mental illness, depression and grief. Some of them are not too bad; many of them need copyediting or just plain chopping.

Writing these fiddly bits has made me a better writer all the way around. I write every day — or at least nurture the intention to do so. On the days that I just can’t work on the novel, the fiddly bits get me in my chair, in front of my computer, and get me thinking about characters, place, voice, and scene. I pay closer attention to  details, use more precise language, practice imagining.

A lots has happened in the last two years, and this time of year, with a slew of birthdays and anniversaries, always reminds me how lucky I am. My parents are supportive, my sisters encouraging; my mother-in-law cheers me on and Jen believes in me even when I have no idea what I’m doing. Those big bits make the fiddly bits worthwhile.

Check out The Fiddly Bits here: http://thefiddlybits.wordpress.com/

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